TwistedWave 1.10

Record audio and easily add effects to it

TwistedWave is an audio editor with an intuitive interface and a number of solid features. View full description


  • Add effects during processes
  • Easy to add samples
  • Read and import in many formats


  • A bit expensive

Very good

TwistedWave is an audio editor with an intuitive interface and a number of solid features.

The simple interface makes it easy to record and save your own recordings. Thanks to the wave view you can quickly analyze and clean up your recordings. TwistedWave also makes it very easy to add samples to your recordings and move sections around.

The most notable feature of the program though is probably being able to apply effects even when a process is underway. TwistedWave implements changes fairly quickly and we suggest listening to your recording afterwards to make sure you're satisfied with it.

This feature wouldn't be complete without unlimited undo/redo which gives you a good level of flexibility when editing your audio recording. TwistedWave plays and exports all the popular audio formats you'll come across, including wav, mp3, ogg and aac.

The only drawback is the price. At $49.90, TwistedWave is a little bit expensive, for what is an excellent but very specific type of application.

Despite being a little expensive, TwistedWave is an excellent audio editor with intuitive controls.


  • Upgraded to DIRAC 3 Pro, for a faster speed and better quality when pitch shifting or time stretching.
  • Added support for saving mp2 files.
  • Added the TwistedWave Remote, to remotely control TwistedWave from an iPhone.
  • Added the ability to append files together when multiple files are selected from the open dialog.
  • It is now possible to drag/drop files directly from iTunes.
  • Added the volume and loop toolbar items.
  • Fixes
  • YouTube import was fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with the RemoveDC effect.
  • Other fixes...

TwistedWave supports the following formats

wav, aiff, au, snd, sd2, mpg, mp2, mp3, mp4, m4a, aac, caf, flac, ogg/vorbis, wma


TwistedWave 1.10